You-Cas Values

Our ethos has always been to offer Care and Support services that offer a family, friendly and familiar feel. As a small, family run agency we can deliver what we believe is so important to Home Care.

We are committed to delivering an excellent service, aiming to be flexible and responsive to each person’s needs and wants. We understand the importance of seeing a familiar face regularly and we will endeavour to select staff to match your individual needs. We recognise that you are at the centre of our service, what is important to you in your life and not just your care needs.

Family members or friends can also be involved in your care plan and throughout your YOU-CAS journey. Being friendly, approachable and most of all by listening and understanding means that relationships forge based on trust and reassurance.

Without our entire staff team, we could not do the job we do. We value our staff and are committed to making sure they are content in their role. We believe that happy staff leads to happy clients!

‘There’s no place like home’

It is natural to want to remain in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of your own home.
Your care plan can be fitted around your needs and preferences and we fully understand that we are a guest in your house. We respect your wishes and choices about how you want to receive your care and support so you can remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Affordable excellence

It has always been key to make sure that our services are both affordable and to a high standard. We have done extensive market research to make sure that we are competitive within the industry.

We are happy to look at circumstances to see if we can offer discounts where possible.

Quality care and support is always a priority. We have a ‘Good’ rating with CQC in all areas.

We are also proud to be runners up for ‘Home Care Provider of the Year’ for two years running.

We value our staff and make sure that they are treated well, and we have a low turnover of staff. We offer competitive rates of pay to our staff, mileage and travel time is paid so we ensure that our staff are happy.

Affordable excellence

As a family run business in the care industry, we have changed and adapted over the 25 years which led us to Home Care.

Our aim is to remain small and grow only at a steady pace, so we can always retain our ethos of being a family friendly and familiar service to our clients.

Feedback from our staff, clients and family or friends is much appreciated, and we constantly aim to build on anything we can improve on. We are in the care industry because we care and it’s important to us to help improve the lives of others.

As a business we have put in systems to be as efficient as possible. We use a system called One Plan which allows our staff to provide efficient and effective notes of the support they have provided.

We are in the process of setting up the family login to allow family members to review the care and support that has been provided. We believe in full transparency for our clients and family members as we understand how important it is to see the journey of care that is being provided to your loved ones.

We will continue to be proactive and be an innovative company to make sure that we can be the best we can be.