YOU-CAS is a small company which has meant that the same carers regularly visit. They’ve been in regular contact ensuring care plans are up to date.

You-Cas have been attending my husband for the past twelve months. The carers who attend to give personal care, are all extremely professional, friendly, and caring and my husband enjoys having a laugh and joke with them, whilst they are in our home. We were rather nervous having carers coming into our home for the first time but once we got to know them all, we were extremely comfortable, and they have our full trust. During the pandemic, they have been particularly careful, always wearing their masks, aprons, and gloves. The Management team have also been extremely kind and helpful, should I ever need to get in touch with them. I would have no hesitation in recommending You-Cas to anyone who requires personal care at home.

We were thrown into needing home care for out mum and YOU-CAS managed to fit us on their books. We did not know too much about the agency but liked what we read. How lucky we have been with them! All the carers, men as well as women, have cared for our mum very well. Not quite a year on, the care is even better. Mum is now very used to having kind and caring people in her home, taking care of her daily needs. They talk with her, sing with her and laugh with her. They do their best to get her to eat and drink (bit of a prob at the moment) We, as a family, could not manage without them. We are assured and confident that they look after mum more like a friend now. They have taken the stress out of a situation we never thought we would be in and we are grateful.

From the moment I first started receiving care from YOU-CAS, I realised how special the company is. No matter what sort of day I am having the staff are always there to support me and never give up on me. I get on so well with all the staff which really surprised me at first. When I first came to YOU-CASI was nervous about accepting help, but I’ve come to realise that everyone on this planet needs some sort of some support at some point in their lives, no matter how small or big it is, so now I use my support to my advantage. Whether that’s going shopping in Primark, going to cafes, cooking, emotional support or just generally having a laugh! (or tidying my ‘floordrobe’ in my bedroom. I really like how the YOU-CAS team make you feel like there is always someone looking out for you. I have learned many skills because of YOU-CAS, for example before I came to you-cas I had never coked before. Lastly I have made many friends here even though I’m a lot younger than the others

GOOD JOB! We were lucky to find YOU-CAS when our Mum needed home care. We’ve seen a change in staff but they all, old staff & new staff, look after her very well. The family are kept abreast of things that are happening so we can get on to doctors etc. if needed. Mum can be a bit ‘stubborn’ but they all find ways to calm her. Sometimes, I’m called upon to speak to her but the carers do sincerely have her best at heart. We never thought we’d need home care for our Mum but when the worst happened, we were very fortunate in finding YOU-CAS

VERY HAPPY WITH THIS COMPANY We’ve always been very pleased and delighted at the care, support and understanding they give to our Mum. She’s not always the easiest to deal with but they take things in their stride, always flagging up any difficulties they may have or to enquire what they can do, to make Mum’s life easier