Home from Hospital

Our Home from Hospital service can be personalised to help those that have been discharged and returning home from a health treatment to enable them to recover in the comfort of their own home. It may be that you have support from the discharge service, however we can help you remain safe in your own home to reduce any risks of returning to Hospital.

The service we offer is delivered on an individual basis and dependent on needs and risk identified. The individual proceeds through their programme and positive outcomes are achieved. We can then continue to monitor and support as a part of an ongoing programme. We can provide Care and Support to optimise the chances of recovery and reduce risks of any falls or further injury to enable you to feel safe and confident.

The service we offer is delivered on an individual basis and dependent on needs and risk identified. Our hospital to home service can be as flexible as needed to suit your requirements. This may be on a short-term basis or it may be longer, depending on your recovery needs.

We can support you with:

• Collecting prescriptions.
• Shopping
• Helping you to get around your home.
• Personal care in the form of washing and dressing
• Visit for a friendly chat.
• Possibly escort you to hospital, doctor, the optician, or hairdresser etc
• Assist with medication.
• Provide you with a great amount of psychological support. You will be able to share any worries or concerns you may have with them, and this is essential for good mental health.
• Pet care
• Support with correspondence
• Manual handling
• Be a second Carer.
• Specialist Care/ Individualised packages

It may be that you are returning Home from a Psychiatric Hospital. YOU-CAS can help you on your recovery pathway to minimise the likelihood of future hospital admissions.

Having a plan in place that is best suited to you is important and we can work with anyone else that supports you too.

We also work with Housing Associations so if it is communal living that suits you best then we can assist you whilst you gain more independence.

We can support you with:

• Support with independent living skills such as cooking and cleaning etc
• Emotional Support
• Support to access the community.
• Support with medication
• Support to access education
• Support with voluntary jobs
• Support with accessing social activities.
• Support with correspondence

Bed blocking can be a real issue for Hospitals, and it is important to reduce ‘the revolving door’ scenario.

With a clear, measurable, and realistic plan in place we can support you on your road to recovery with the aim to reduce being readmitted to hospital.